your 'Sure Orthotics system' Kit

What Is It?

A quick, simple and accurate system using generic shell templates that

eliminates the casting process. (The Cad-Cam designed shells are a product of thousands of 3D scans taken over 5 years

Why Use It?

Saves on casting materials mess and time, ensures accurate reproducibility.

Why not test the device for comfort and correction before you


How Do I Use It?

Simply use the supplied OK shell templates provided to size the foot.

To find the correct foot size, place the shell under the foot - if the

distal edge of the orthotic ends 5-10mm behind the bisection of the 1st

metatarso-phalangeal joint, it is the correct size. Most importantly made sure the heel is accommodated.

Want To Trial The Sure OK System?

Contact us at the Sure Orthotics lab and we will be happy to discuss how

to trial the system and how you can integrate the Sure OK system into

your practice.